In the Box designer nail wraps


In the box designer nail wraps tell the story of living your truth, no matter what your story is or who you love.

Tom Bachik, a celebrity manicurist and nail art designer, and Grace Gaustad, a 19 year-old singer songwriter and create of blkbox: what r u hiding? have partnered up to create the unforgettable nail art worn by @gracegaustad in the 12 episodic music videos from blkbox: wht r u hiding? available on You Tube. Grace and Tom believe that storytelling fingernails are the next big beauty trend and must have. Enjoy! Grace Gaustad & Tom Bachik

Product details

  • Grace Gaustad is a 19 year-old singer songwriter and creator of blkbx: what are you hiding? Grce wears Tom Bachik epic storytelling nails in all 12 episodes as seen @gracegaustad on You tube. Blkbx the album is available on all digital streaming services.
  • Instructions: 1) Prep: Warm nail wrap by rubbing between hands, or with a hair dryer or heater. Clean nails with rubbing alchol. 2) Apply: Select the nail wrap closet to your nail size. Peel off nail wrap and apply to nail with rounded end close to cuticle. Press firmly on your nail. 3) Finish: File off excess nail wap with a vertical downward motion. Press nail wap again to ensure adhesion and remove any bubbles. For toes: Follow previous instructions but use nail clippers to trim. Removal: Slowly peel from one side.
  • 0% soaking * Dry Time * Smudge Chip * Odor * Animal Testing *Formaldehyde * Parabens
  • Made in the USA